Del Estado Constitucional al Estado Convencional de Derecho. El proceso de trasformación de los modelos jurídico-políticos, en el contexto Ius Constitutionale Commune en América Latina

A state and normative perspective of peace involves, without a doubt, the observation of the Rule of Law as a strategy and mechanism to achieve it. For this reason, the promise of overcoming a state of war, both nationally and internationally, has led to the rule of law has taken various approaches, including the Legal State and the Constitutional State. However, the links generated between the Constitutions and the international law of human rights, especially in the Latin American context, allow us to notice an initial configuration of what can be called: Conventional State of Law. In that sense, the current work will focus its efforts on establishing the budgets that allow us to understand this state model within the framework of the Latin American constitutional ius commune.