Cyberwarfare and authoritarianism. Lessons from the Russian invasion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine leaves some lessons on the use of internet as a weapon. It is important to compare the Russian actions using cyberwarfare and the responses, sanctions, and decisions using internet also as a weapon coming from west countries. What were the actions considered as Cyberwarfare -specially the denial of service as the main measure- to attack Ukraine and to respond to Russian attacks and what changed in 15 years between the Russian cyberattack in Estonia and the cyberwarfare actions used in the invasion of Ukraine.
The cyberwarfare´s actions were used mainly by countries in conflict, but not exclusively: other actors (particularly big tech companies) had a role in the conflict. How to measure these private companies´ decisions that affect the use of internet in Russia, Ukraine and their people? In the end, some of the measures could impact not only military targets: they also impact citizens, their privacy and freedom.