“Cybernetic” Sovereignty and the future of Constitutional Law

After the first “wave” of XIX ce. revolutionary constitutions, the second “wave” of XX ce. national and supranational constitutionalism, we are now entering a new era in which the rising super-power is Technology (“Cybernetic Power” as the convergence of Digital Technology, Neuro Sciences and economic power). In the paper I’ll try to: a) define the specific nature of new Cybernetic Power and “Algorithmic” Reason (replacement of reasonable causation by statistic correlation) b) assess the constitutional impact of this new superpower (the uncoupling of some unitary legal concepts: Intelligence from Conscience; Identity from Person, Freedom from Will) c) imagine the future role of Constitutional law in the era of Cybernetic Sovereignty (the ambivalence of technological paradigm and the end of the last contemporary Mythology – the linear growth of Technology and Freedom -, towards a new global constitutional precautionary principle)