Cross-border cooperation in public health: European public law to the rescue?

Emergency services should be able to help people in need, regardless on which side of the border they are. Moreover, cross-border training could increase the quality of services.
Although the internal EU borders are soft borders, crossing these borders for public health emergencies is not always self-evident. Cross-border cooperation in public health often comes up against legal obstacles.
Convinced of the need for further regulation of cross-border cooperation, the Commission proposed a mechanism (ECBM) that would make it possible to determine the applicable law in case of cross-border cooperation.
The presentation will critically assess the proposal – which has not yet made it into a regulation- from a public health perspective.
The research question is: To what extent could ECBM support public health professionals? Based on both a legal and empirical assessment, the presentation will address major shortcomings and formulate some recommendations for the development of an ECBM 2.0.