Critical Reflections on the AI Act

At first glance, the EU's AI Act proposal looks like a dream-come-true. It contains obligations for keeping a human in the loop, ensuring data quality, designing risk-management plans; it even establishes a regulatory agency for algorithms! However, the AIA’s impact will be far from positive. As a neoliberal and technocratic law at its core, the AIA masks political decisions as technical ones, and effectively delegates these decisions to private consultancy- and law firms. It will generate tons of documentation that no one will ever read, without meaningfully changing the practice of the AI systems’ design and use. And given its many exceptions and loopholes, the AIA will not only fail to reach the AI systems used by big tech companies like Facebook, Google, or Amazon but also preempt the member states from doing so in the state legislation. The AIA is not only a bad law; it’s a dangerous one. An alternative approach will be suggested.