Critical-legal analysis of the violations of the human right to food in Brazil

Food is a fundamental human right. However, the crisis of democracy, the rule of law and the dominance of the agro-industrial food system over food on the planet put the effectiveness of this right under threat. Violations of the human right to food are constituted in conjunction with the phenomenon of enclosures on other social rights. Thus, the present paper will aim to analyze some political and economic causes related to the processes of violation of the human right to food, mainly in Brazil. According to FAO Brazil is the largest producer of grains and some of the main foodstuffs in the world. However, he is on the verge of returning to the “Hunger Map”. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, the number of people experiencing severe food insecurity in the country is increasing. Thus, this article will look for possible hypotheses that could explain this apparent paradox.