COVID-19 Vaccines and Human Rights : Preventing Discrimination

The constitutions in the democratic countries protect the right not to be discriminated. Regardless of whether one is vaccinated against Covid-19 or not, one should not be discriminated against. Differential treatment of people may not be discriminatory, if it can be objectively and reasonably justified. But there are a range of potential discrimination issues. For instance, a nursery teacher at a public daycare center in South Korea was fired in early April for refusing to be vaccinated against the Covid-19. The head of the daycare center said that the teacher may have the right to refuse vaccination, but the safety of the children is a priority. This shows the difficulty of potential discrimination issues in job places. There are also a range of possible discrimination issues that may be raised by vaccine passports or certificates: Are vaccine passports that presuppose compulsory vaccination are compatible with human rights such as self-determination and inequality?