Corruption, Democracy and Human Rights: The Venezuelan Case

Venezuela is one of the richest countries in natural resources in the world, one of the biggest in mines and the largest in proven reserves of hydrocarbons. Notwithstanding, it is paradoxically immersed in a terrible and complex humanitarian, political, economic and social crisis; maybe one of the worst worldwide.
This dramatic situation is the product of several factors, being one of the principal of them a massive, systematic and widespread corruption, which became a sort of “public policy”, with an almost total impunity, except for taking advantage of corruption prosecution (which in many cases just only reaches the imputation phase). This proposal, intends to analyze this unfortunate paradigmatic case, having in consideration not only the interaction and linkages between democracy and rule of law with corruption, but also the effects of this scourge against human rights, as well as its possible legal and judicial implications from this perspective.