Constitutionalism and Masses. View on/from Poland

The dominant, liberal constitutionalism believes that masses are too emotional and irrational to participate in constitutional practice. However, when observing the populist mobilisation (Law and Justice government) and counter, mass protests that have been taking place in Poland ('Black Protest' and protests in defence of the judiciary 2016-2020), one can see a new dynamic emerging between the masses and constitutionalism.
Masses try to influence the constitutional order not only negatively, by blocking planned political actions, but also positively, by trying to change the understanding of fundamental rights and the rule of law. However, in order to have a positive influence, the institutionalization of the masses is necessary (the emergence of leaders, organized movements, political parties). The need for such institutionalization is disregarded by constitutionalism and indispensable for ensuring democratic pluralism.