Constitutional Justice and Prospects for the Development of Public Law in Russia: something old or something new

Public law in Russia is developing under the influence of constitutional reform and the fight against the pandemic. The Russian Constitutional Court (RCC) became the object of constitutional changes that affected its legal status and powers, which can be assessed ambiguously from the point of view of the development of constitutionalism. RCC acted, on the one hand, as a participant in the legitimization of the constitutional reform, and on the other, responded to the second urgent challenge – it recognized the restriction of freedom of movement during a pandemic as legitimate based on a decree of the governor of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation. Thus, RCC proclaimed security, the protection of traditional values as a response to the challenges of our time and thus determined the development of constitutional law. However, is there any hope for a new path, in which the freedoms, and self-restraint of the authorities will become guidelines, including for RCC?