Constitutional Grounds of Territorial Politics: Ambiguousness of Georgian Constitution

Territorial arrangement and territorial politics are among of those important issues which should be covered by all “good” constitutions. In fact, all constitutions of federal countries have special chapters regulate statuses of subjects of those federations as well as relationships between federal and local levels. Constitutions of unitary states also have clear regulations about territorial arrangement.
The Constitution of Georgia have some ambiguousness in this regard:
First of all, from this constitution is not clear model of territorial arrangement of this country. In fact, Georgia is an unitary state with two autonomies, but the constitution also has norms distinctive just for federal constitutions;
Secondly, there are some gaps regarding Abkhazian Autonomous Republic and occupied territories of Georgia.
The aim of this paper is to present and analyze the shortcomings of the Constitution of Georgia regarding territorial politics in the context of a good constitution.