Constitution and citizenship in Brazil: The Itinerant Justice as a tool for the construction of trust in the Judiciary Power

The brazilian Constitution of 1988 establishes citizenship as one of the pillars of the Federal Republic of Brazil. It is much more realistic to talk about multiple citizenships, because in Brazil the rule is a citizenship of absences, a fragmented citizenship.
In 2004 the 45th Constitution Armendment, the so called Judiciary Reform of 2004, has established as mandatory for Federal, State and Labor Courts, that an Itinerant Justice should be created. The idea was to fortify the multiple fragile brazilian citizenships. The State Court of Rio de Janeiro has created a Mobile Justice which specialized in providing birth certificates for people that never had them, lost them or need them to be corrected.
This presentation will try to reveal how judges can make a difference in a country where social differences are so intense that some brazilians are not even considered citizens of any kind.