Compel, condition or persuade? Vaccines in the dialectic between public power and individual self-determination

One of the areas in which the COVID19 pandemic has revealed problematic tensions concerns the relation between public power and the right to self-determination, with special reference to the health sphere, where States try to reconcile the need to preserve the wellbeing of the individuals, with the aim of not undermining their right to self-determination.
As regards vaccination, during the COVID19 pandemic, in addition to the usual combination of persuasion and imposition, a third way has been added in the form of a certification requirement which, while allowing for alternative options, has in fact proved to be a convincing incentive to resort to vaccination. But what is the best approach for the public authorities to adopt to guide decisions in the health sphere: persuade, condition or directly oblige?
The contribution will try to highlight the positive and negative aspects of all three options, in an attempt to frame them in the dimension of a democratic State under the rule of law