Common Legal Drafting Rules for the Portuguese-speaking countries and regions: identification of the existing situation

This paper is aimed at presenting the status of legislative drafting rules, standards and guidelines in Portuguese speaking countries and regions where more than 250 million people reside.
Those standards are set forth in a collection of laws and guidelines which vary in its form, its legal value (hard or soft law) and scope from one legal order to the other. In a relevant number of cases the rules are very close with some minor differences, seemingly having evolved from the same shared roots or inspiration. However, there are exceptions: for instance the Brazilian rules are notably different from the other legal orders. Cases of bi-lingual legal orders, like the Macao and Timor-Leste cases, or Portugal’s EU integration also present the need for different solutions. It is possible to identify similarities in the legal culture of the several Portuguese-speaking countries and regions, which encourages the development of a potential common space of cooperation and legal integration.