Common Legal Drafting Rules for the Portuguese-speaking countries and regions: current state of the project and methodological approach

The definition of Common Legal Drafting Rules for the Portuguese-speaking Countries and Regions started with the assembling of a “Lisbon Team” of scholars and specialists in legal drafting and a team of specialist from all the countries and regions, together with a high profile team of international consultants. The status of the legal drafting rules in each of the legal orders was studied and common standards, differences, and innovations were identified. The project will evolve in phases: A general approach where simplicity and clarity, the construction of legal provisions or the use of our common language is in focus; A second phase, centered in the architecture and the systematics of legal acts; A third phase, regarding legal reforms, legislative consolidation, simplification programmes and other instruments available. The paper discusses the methodological approach followed, present the results achieved and collect contributions for the improvement of the project.