Jurisprudencia constitucional sobre la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP)

The Peace Agreement signed by the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP Guerrilla in 2016, foresaw the establishment of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace – SJP (Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz – JEP). The SJP is a specialized transitional justice mechanism that offers the perpetrators of grave crimes the possibility of accessing “restorative sanctions”, when recognizing their responsibility in the commission of the crimes, telling the whole truth, contributing to victim’s reparation and offering guarantees of non-repetition. The SJP was implemented through a constitutional amendment, as well as a Statutory Law. The Constitutional Court has defined the constitutional limits to the SJP Statutory Law in the Decision C-080/2018. This presentation will expose the main judicial problems that the Constitutional Court had to face in order to guarantee a stable and lasting peace in Colombia, based in the full respect of the Constitution.