Citizenship's Unnecessary Future

The core features and effects of citizenship, such as racism, sexism and randomness disconnected from the holders’ desires and desert, can no longer be accepted as possibly legitimate without any critical interrogation, posing the question of citizenship’s future. Citizenships’ key promises: equality, mutual respect and self-government, even if seemingly succeeding in select societies, potentially undermine its essence, which is the justification of randomized exclusion and the upholding of the status quo. Citizenship thus does not “improve”: the result of its evolution can only be the opening of the Pandora’s box of its basic relevance. Citizenship, while still glorified, emerges as entirely unnecessary in a context where its success can no longer be measured by delivering on the ethically and morally repugnant constituents of its essence: if we believe in the ideals it proclaims and apply those globally, citizenship is bound to perish.