Citizenship and Membership: Theory and Challenges in Times of Global Crises. Citizenship vs Digital Citizenship?

Human beings all over the world are today more “post-national” thanks to technology, which is able to create even more intense bridges and bonds between people far away from the world than those close to us.
With the digital citizenship notion, we mean a set of rights and duties of citizens defined within the Internet. It would be a new and further typology of citizenship, not an alternative or opposite to the classic one, whose content can be considered aimed at simplifying the relationship between citizens, businesses and public administration.
There is no doubt that this scenario carries within it a strong egalitarian instance and proposes to citizens new forms of economic initiative.
On the other hand, however, digitization can even lead to the situation in which men are deprived of the human rights guaranteed by citizenship and therefore find themselves without any rights. All these aspects are intended to be discussed in this paper.