Charting A New Course in Sexual Violence Prohibition and Protection in Nigeria: A Need To Reappraise Public Law Jurisprudence In Nigeria?

The emergence of insurgence in the North East of Nigeria exacerbated the worrisome state of sexual violence-related-crimes jurisprudence in Nigeria. Prior to this era, it was believed that one in three female children in Nigeria experiences a sexual violence related incident before the age of 16. Municipal law on what constitutes sexual violence is limited in scope, relating to securing convictions on the offence of rape. The paper argues that with the changing state of public international law and the redefinition of offences like sexual violence, prospects of improving the experience of survivors of sexual violence exist. Bringing into context decisions and policy documents from international law judicial bodies, the paper will examine their influence on Nigerian laws. It will also advocate for a new paradigm in the teaching of international law in Nigeria to reflect the developing and new discourse. It is premised on a qualitative survey of Nigerian laws related to Sexual Violence.