Channelling the Will of the People in Populist Hungary

It is often hypothesized that we can witness the return of both legal and political populism because in the last few decades classical constitutionalism has diverged from the origins of democracy, namely from the will of the people. The political elites have lost touch with the ordinary people, moreover the counter-majoritarian institutions of liberal constitutionalism has helped to strengthen this effect – goes the statement.
If that was true, it would be just natural that the newly emerging populist governments – such as the current government of Hungary – works hard on restoring the direct connection between the people and the political decision-makers. In my presentation I aim to examine whether we can witness such a trend in Hungary and if the people’s opportunity to influence the political decision-making has been extended. To achieve this, I will focus on the new rules on public referendum and the changes of the rules on political campaigns before elections.