Challenges to the rule of law in a semi-authoritarian Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been recognized for its well established rule of law. After the Umbrella Movement in 2014, the Chinese Communist regime adjusted its strategy towards Hong Kong and closed the road to democracy. With the end of the era of semi-democracy, the governing system in Hong Kong is now going in an authoritarian direction. In this new era of semi-authoritarianism, Hong Kong’s rule of law faces the most serious challenges. The meaning of the rule of law is now being redefined by the Chinese Communist regime. Hong Kong is fighting a battle on the discourse of the rule of law. The legal culture of Hong Kong people may not be strong enough to withstand such an ideological encroachment. The legal professionals in Hong Kong play a critical role in defending Hong Kong’s rule of law. There are worries as well as hopes. One thing is sure, the battle will be long and tough.