Can We Compare the Countermeasures against the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Perspective of Constitutional Principles?

The paper aims to offer a matrix to explore the constitutional questions related to the countermeasures against the COVID-19 pandemic. There are numerous countermeasures: (1) state of emergency; (2) border control; (3) curfew and other restrictions of movement of the people; (4) closure of schools and facilities; (4) distribution of essential services and goods, particularly medical good such as masks and PPEs; (5) persuasion of the people to take certain behavior changes: (6) financial supports for small business and vulnerable groups of the society; (7) Vaccination; (8) Measures taken by local governments etc. The paper sets constitutional questions to share in the panel: (1) Who decides which measures should be taken by how?; (2) Who and how oversees the implementation of measures?; (3) Where and how can individuals get a help when there is a problem?