Can organisations have fundamental rights?

The idea of organisations being fundamental rights (FRs) holders appears to be inherently contradictory. How could organisations invoke FRs designed especially for the protection of living human beings? The organisation’s involvement in FRs protection is a complex subject encompassing many components.
The first part of our examination focuses on the right holder and the organisation’s concept from a FRs perspective. While in the field of FRs, there is a tendency for governmental organs are excluded from the scope of FRs holders, this is not the case in civil law. It indicates the necessity of a specific organisation concept based on a FRs approach and the clarification of why organisations can be FRs holders.
The second part of our presentation is about the fundamental right concerned and the factors that influence organisations’ FRs protection, e.g. the meaning of a fundamental right’s nature and the significance of its individual or collective characteristics.