Building trust among judges in a Legal System under political dispute: an experiment at the Judicial School of the Federal Labor Court in Rio

Judges actively participate in this country’s political agenda, shaping speeches and implementing their interests. Their alliances play the role of a “collective intelligence”. The relations between politics, legal agents and society are a approach to understand the ruptures in Brazilian democracy that directly involve the agents of the legal system and their associations and identities. Opposition of political views and polarized judges to the level of inability to dialogue between peers. In this scenario, are Judicial Court Schools neutral arenas for the meeting of “opponents”? Can they be used for building communication and trust among these judges. To answer that question, we are developing a behavioral research and discourse analysis experiment at the Faculty of Law of the Federal Labor Court of Rio de Janeiro, including liberal and socially oriented judges during and after a communication training program. The partial results are what we present and discuss in this meeting.