Bringing business actors to the table: multi-dimensioned dialogues to face the Pandemics hazards on human rights

The private sector plays an imperative role in facing the challenges of the humanitarian crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It may present prompt answers in matters of inequality by resiliently keeping jobs and preserving salaries as well as driving the industry and research sectors to instant social needs. However, economic crises may drift corporations to a self-centered agenda that becomes threatening to human rights. This study proposes an opening of both the Inter-American organs and the private sector to dialogue in order to build, improve and legitimize common standards on human rights protection. Such proposal derives from the need for a multi-dimensioned dialogue to elaborate regional standards that foster business commitment to human rights. The importance of bringing the private sector to the human rights arena has already informed the Report on Business and Human Rights. This may boost a multi-dimensioned dialogue of great importance to face the pandemics hazards.