Brexit and the shifting future of the subjects and objects of EU law

The paper purports to observe the consequences of Brexit developing the recent book project framework, 'Framing the subjects and objects of EU law', looking beyond the traditional understanding of legal subjectivity. The paper observes the Member State as – on the one hand – the par excellence subject of EU law, and – on the other hand – as the object of EU law, the target of its regulation. Given the expansion of the circle of objects of EU law thanks to its global reach, what is the difference between an object-MS and object-Third Country? What is the correlation between the subjectivity of an MS and its capability to enter into commitments on the international stage? We examine the transitional arrangements for Brexit and the limbo status for the UK, EU MS, IOs and envisaged therein.  What is legal subjectivity going forward? What are the remnants of political subjectivity of nations in the globalised world?