Borders. Where law meets politics and fragmentation of the global order takes place

Due to the spread of democracy and market economy, globalization shaped the world we used to live in. The laws were getting similar, economies – integrated, transnational non-governmental actors – significant. However, recent geopolitical developments and the COVID-19 pandemic led to a paradigm shift. Supply chains are broken, territorial conflicts resurface, democracies refuse to obey the universal standards of rule of law and human rights. The law is either ignored or reinterpreted, sometimes used for political and economic interests. It seems unable to secure values that were the cornerstone of the global order.
The case that focuses all of these problems is the subject of borders. Border management is again at the forefront of statehood, both as a mean of control of flows and a tool for securitization of internal politics. It is symbolic, but also deserves attention per se. After all, the border is the place where law meets politics and the international meets the domestic.