Blockchain-based platforms as new alternative fora. What’s the role for the rule of law?

Distributed Ledger Technologies and blockchain are putting at stake the role of State. Namely, sovereignty of States in certain fields is challenged by the increasingly widespread use of crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies. This is particularly true if we focus on the so-called new “fora” flourished out of blockchain, i.e. platforms developed on blockchain to provide users with a dispute resolution mechanism working both on oracle based procedures and arbitral procedures. One might wonder whether and how such blockchain-based procedures mirror a distrust and dissent towards the State and the public institutions. In the light of these premises, this contribution aims to show that these new technologies are not laying in a vacuum; on the contrary, they are linked to traditional national legal systems. The question is how to connect the two worlds: the old traditional one, and the new one, which is bringing a paradigm shift to the way we might think, pay, trade, connect with each other.