Between Solidarity and Loyalty: The use of building-trust principles in times of EU crisis – Discussants: Giorgia Lo Tauro, Antonio-Martin Porras-Gomez

Solidarity and Loyalty are cornerstones of the European Integration process. During the 70’s-80’s, the CJEU invoked loyalty and solidarity to prohibit Member States from supporting national economies with unilateral measures undermining the progressive construction of the internal market. More recently, these constitutional principles recur in the judicial rhetoric assessing the legality of the European Stability Mechanism, adopted by Member States to provide mutual financial assistance during the sovereign debt crisis (Pringle). In the management of massive migration flows, these strands have been invoked to support the legality of the ‘Relocation Decisions’ and the consequent duty to carry out effective relocation of third-country nationals into the territory of Member States different from the frontline ones. The work will therefore offer a contribution to the debate concerning convergences and divergences among these two cardinal principles within the EU constitutional framework.