Being a Woman in Kyrgyzstan: Gender-Based Violence as a Human Rights Concern and Prospects of Its Legal Regulation

Being a traditionally oriented country, Kyrgyzstan remains a predominantly patriarchal society, which directly affects the position and human rights of women in the state; the issue of violence against women and girls takes one of the leading positions in Kyrgyzstan. Regardless of its almost 30 years of independence and seemingly attempts towards democratic society, such entirely traditional old-fashioned and obsolete practices as bride-kidnapping, ‘kelinism’ and child-marriages still exist in modern Kyrgyzstan. The research will explore comparable gender-based problems living in the country, such as domestic violence, including tangled by current COVID-19 conditions and introduce readers to specific forms of VAW in Kyrgyz society, prescribed by its traditionalism and socio-cultural practice. Further, the study will analyze the international human rights and national legal response to VAW, supported with critical observations of the (in)effectiveness of the gender policy in Kyrgyzstan.