Basic Income adoption after Supreme Court ruling

This paper presents a discussion about the Basic Income revival. After the pandemic crises caused by Covid-19 the Basic Income it´s not an utopia anymore, but it´s good of primary necessity, at least in Brazil. What brings this subject under constitutional highlight is the brazlian Supreme Court new ruling requiring the government action to bring the basic income statute to effectivity (Lei. nº 10.035/04).
Comparing the ruling opinion of Justice Mendes against the dissident opinion of Justice Marco Aurelio it is possibile notice the main structural thesis of Basic Income, such as economic possibilities, basic income founding and political obstacles.
The basic income and it´s elements are briefly explained in the debate, including: universal income or benefit for extreme poverty; unconditional or with countermeasures; equal of a minium wage or just to survive. Those options are not exclusive of the Supreme Court ruling, but they are connected to the international references.