Are the Freedom of Information Laws and Information Commissioners the key to improving transparency?

Last decades, the idea that transparency is the key to solving different government problems has been popularized. One of the central policies has been the enactment of Freedom of Information Laws that allow citizens to request information and oblige governments to make proactive disclosures of data. By 2020, more than 120 countries had passed a FOI law, but some case studies suggested several countries have not obtained the expected outcomes because they did not pay much attention to the enforcement. Consensus in literature is the strongest enforcement mechanism is the creation of Information Commissioners to solve the complaints and promote transparency, and they need independence and resources to achieve their goals.
By using international quantitative data, I have tried to prove if FOI Laws and Information Commissioners improve transparency. Results suggest that the promulgation of FOI Laws has a strong effect on transparency, but no other variable appears to have any effect.