Are Disruptive Technologies Disruptive Enough? Regulating Blockchain Technology in the European Union

The narrative of crisis usually refers to the pandemic, migration policy, Brexit, economic governance and even – as we recently came to discover – security and defense policy. However, although not perhaps at the same level of importance, it was also believed that the technological innovations would have hampered the stability of legal orders, be that the national or the EU one, thus creating a crisis within the legal framework. However, after a first phase of high ventured alarmism, we are now seeing that the ratio problems v opportunities, in the dialogue between law and technology, is highly unbalanced towards the opportunities. In this paper I will present how a very specific kind of disruptive technology, blockchain, is, rather than being outlawed or even persecuted, incentivized and regulated by the EU legislator as a possible vehicle for innovation, from crypto assets to digital identity and financial products as well as to the possibility to create an EU proprietary blockchain