Analysis of the transformative impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System on gender case-law in the Brazilian Constitutional Jurisdiction

From the point of view of the Interamerican system, there are expansive dialogues on human rights protection with the Brazilian Supreme Court on gender protection. By repudiating state tolerance and discriminatory treatment, the Interamerican system points to significant achievements reflecting Brazilian jurisdiction in affirming gender rights. The full adoption and implementation of these achievements appear as an imperative of justice and respect for the rights of so many Brazilian women. In this plural scenario, domestic constitutional law and international human rights law impact each other. From this catharsis emerges a new public law, focused on the extension of dignity and the pro persona principle in favor of women’s human rights. Thus, based on emblematic decisions of the Brazilian Supreme Court, the present research verifies the advances in the dialogue between the national and international Courts that reflect more broad protection of women’s human rights.