An International Law of Rights of Nature (RoN) – Desideratum or Anathema?

The so-called Rights of Nature (RoN) are first and foremost a creation of – mostly Latin American – constitutions. It may be well asked, however, whether RoN should also have their place at the level of international law. Recent case-law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights can be understood as embracing this concept and elevating it to the international stage. In addition, involving other elements from the international law cosmos may bolster an emerging “International Law of RoN”. After all, traditional international law with its non-focus on the individual may be capable of engaging with non-anthropocentric approaches even more flexibly and productively than (most) domestic legal orders. Nonetheless, the challenges remain enormous, and it is far from clear whether the time is ripe for welcoming genuine RoN in international law.