Amending the constitution as an effect of the peace treaty on the example of the constitutional system of the Republic of Poland

The paper discusses the issue of amending the constitution as a result of an international treaty ending a war on the example of the Polish legal order. The aim is to answer the question whether a peace treaty imposed as a result of an armed conflict, can become an element of the Polish legal order. How should the ratification of such an international agreement look like and whether it is allowed at all in the light of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.
The Polish Constitution in Article 9 provides that the Republic of Poland respects international law binding upon it. Does this provision requires or does it not allow to obey the international law imposed in this way? Is a change in the Constitution, forced by the threat of war, being the effect of such an imposed international agreement, although carried out in a formally correct procedure, legal? Does the Nation, accepting these provisions as imposed on it as a result of the war act in a free way?