Access to justice in pandemic times: the experience of the Positivo Law School Clinic, Brazil, in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic had impact on the access to justice, especially for the most vulnerable people in Brazil. This impact was measured by the number of people who access the justice system in 2020, compared to the number of previous years. This paper analyzes these impacts based on the work of the Positivo Law School Clinic, which serves the population in a vulnerability situation in Curitiba, capital of Parana state. Using technological tools, the Clinic assisted 2,467 people who were excluded from the justice system. The action resulted in positive impacts, especially if analyzed from the perspective of SDG 16, Agenda 2030. Although, in comparation with the previous years, it was verified a decrease of 70% in the number of people assisted personally. The methodology used in the research was the quantitative analysis of the number of people served, and survey with the actors who participated in the action.