A woman’s place is in the resistance: the role of feminism in the radicalization of democracy

The paper’s objective is to verify the possibility of building a radical feminist democratic project. The work assumes liberal democracy as a hegemonic model in modernity to highlight that this model, in turn, has shown itself to be insufficient to encompass the plurality inherent in life in society and guarantee rights to all. Considering the need to extend the basic principles of liberal democracy, namely, freedom and equality, the work starts from a normative premise to demonstrate the potential of the radical democracy model in this sense. Starting from a normative premise of radicalization of democracy, it is intended to demonstrate the contributions of feminist political and democratic theories to this project, as well as the role of minorities, markedly those of gender. It is in view of the need to build a more democratic and less excluding order that it is necessary to move away from essentialist perspectives of democracy and radicalize it.