2. Female and Male Victims of Stalking: Same Pain, Different Problems. How Can the State Answer their Needs?

80 to 90% victims of stalking are women and most of perpetrators are men. A woman who is a victim of stalking has to face not only a problem of harassment itself but also of cultural stereotypes and gender inequality. However, sometimes law can support her: in some EU countries stalking is an aggravated offence when the victim is pregnant or is a current or former spouse or partner. The Istanbul Convention recommends the penalization of stalking as a form of violence against women, the Directive 2012/29 EU establishing minimum standards on the rights of victims of crime poses that fighting violence against women is one of the priorities of the EU. In this context a man who is a stalking victim is in a very difficult situation. The law (however problematic is its implementation in practice) offers special protection to women and does not treat men as vulnerable victims.Men also need to face stereotypes (however different than women) and are sometimes worse protected than female victims.