Nigerian Chapter

Nigerian Chapter

National rules

  1. The Advisory Board shall have equal gender balance in its composition.
  2. The term of office shall be a single term of three (3) years.
  3. Members are expected to pay ICONS•NG’s annual fee. However, during the first three years, the members of ICONS•NG will be exempted from paying any fee. ICONS•NG may ask for a reasonable and small fee for funding the Chapter’s local conference, but this fee should be approved and determined by the Advisory Board.
  4. The members of ICONS•NG should attend the Chapter’s annual meeting. Members that do not attend the annual meeting are not allowed to be nominated for the Advisory Board. Annual meetings shall not interfere with the ICON•S international meeting.

The working address of the Society shall be the institutional address of one of the co-chairpersons.

Members shall observe the following core values:

  • hard work;
  • academic excellence;
  • integrity;
  • team work.

The aim of the Nigerian Chapter is to pursue the mission of ICON•S in Nigeria and strive to build a regional agenda, if not on the African continent, in the West African region.

The Chapter is established to:

  1. Promote the values of ICON•S, and the commitment to an inter-disciplinary approach to public law that engages constitutional, administrative and international law scholars and practitioners to better understand global and transnational legal developments;
  2. Advance and promote the fundamental constitutional values of democracy, equality, justice and human rights;
  3. Work with ICON•S to promote knowledge of and membership in the organization globally;
  4. Promote the capacity and engagement of junior scholars, and scholars from the Global South, within the work of ICON•S;
  5. Complement and work cooperatively with existing national and regional organizations yet remain distinct from them.

The Nigeria Chapter shall specifically pursue the following:

  1. Disseminating notices of meetings, activities and events via the ICONnect and ICON-NG blog;
  2. Providing consistent updates to the ICON•S Executive Committee;
  3. Subjecting its governance and membership to the ICON-S Executive Committee, with the possibility of being requested by the executive committee to dissolve, reconstitute or alter the scope and membership;
  4. Promoting enrolment to ICON•S and paying the ICON•S annual membership fee;
  5. Submitting to ICON•S information on its activities, which will, where appropriate, be featured on the ICON•S website.

Governance of the Chapter

The Chapter will be governed by two chairpersons. The chairpersons shall be elected by simple majority of registered members during an annual meeting preceding the expiration of the term of the currently serving chairperson. The chairpersons must be from institutions that have expressed an interest in hosting the ICONS-NG Chapter.

The two co-chairpersons must be of a different gender and shall be affiliated to different institutions. The secretary shall be from the same institution as that of the chairpersons. There shall be a financial secretary and a co-secretary.

Six other members of the advisory body shall be elected from different institutions. A gendered approach shall inform the composition of the Advisory Body. To be eligible to serve in the Advisory Board, a member must be current in dues and participation in annual meetings of the chapter. The Chapter’s Advisory Board shall annually send a summary of their activities to the ICON•S Executive Committee.

Rights and duties of advisory board members

All members of the Advisory Board have the following rights and duties:

  • to join ICON•S and pay the ICON•S annual membership fee;
  • to promote the mission and values of ICON•S;
  • to participate in the activities of the Chapter.

Annual Conference

The Nigerian Chapter will every year organize a national conference or biennial as may be feasible.


The Chapter rules may be amended by a simple majority vote among members during the annual meeting.


For any inquiries, you can reach the ICONS-NG Chapter at

Founding members:

  1. Co-Chairperson: Prof Wahab Egbewole SAN, Vice Chancellor, University of Ilorin
  2. Co-Chairperson: Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Chuma-Umeh, Imo State University
  3. Secretary-General: Dr Azubike Onuora-Oguno, University of Ilorin
  4. Co-Secretary: Magistrate Riskat Ebeloku-Mustapher, Oyo State Judiciary
  5. Finance Secretary: Magistrate Christy Barau, Niger State Judiciary
  6. Co-Finance Secretary: Dr Akintayo Akinola, University of Lagos

Other members of the Advisory Committee:

  1. Prof Mhutar Etudaiye, University of Ilorin
  2. Dr (Mrs) Nneka Okafor, University of Nigeria Nsukka
  3. Prof Sunday Nelrum Okogbule, River State University of Science and Technology
  4. Mrs Olanike Adelakun, American University of Yola
  5. Prof Balarabe Haruna, Bayero University Kano
  6. Hon Justice Dotun Onibokun, Oyo State Judiciary


WORKSHOP “COVID-19, Sign of the times, shape of the future and legal implications of the restrictions”, March 3, 2022; 11 AM Nigerian time.

The event is planned by hon. Justice Adedotun Onibokun of the Osun State Judiciary and provides for the participation as lead presenters of Prof. Adesegun Fatusin -Vice Chancellor of the University of Medical Sciences and Chairman Ondo State Intern Ministerial Committee, and Dr. Elijah Oladipo -Head of Microbiology, Adeleke University.