2023 ICON•S Council Elections

The state of the Society is strong and getting stronger, and a major reason why is our active and engaged membership.
 We are pleased to continue renewing the Society’s Council with an infusion of new members directly elected by our membership.

In 2023 we invite our members to elect six (6) new Council members, each to serve a three-year non-renewable term. Membership on the Council is a position of high distinction, entailing the responsibility to provide intellectual guidance for the Society, to advise the Executive Committee, and to represent the interests of the ICON•S members.

The elections will run from February 23 to April 1, 2023

  • To promote regional diversity consistent with the Society’s mission to be open to all, two (2) seats will be reserved for persons from Africa, two (2) for persons from Asia, and two (2) for persons from Latin America.
  • To promote balanced gender composition consistent with the Society’s recognition of the importance of diversity, at least one elected Council member from each of Africa, Asia, and Latin America must self-identify as female.
  • Elections will be conducted via Qualtrics, all ICON•S members will receive the link for casting their votes (two votes for each region) by February 23.

Get to know the candidates for the next ICON•S Council Elections!

Please find below the names of all the candidates who are running for the upcoming ICON•S Council Elections.

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