2019 ICON • S Conference
“Public Law in Times of Change?”
July 1-3, 2019
Santiago de Chile

Monday, July 1, 2019

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Rosalind Dixon
Professor, University of New South Wales
Co-President, ICON·S

Marisol Peña
Secretary General, P. Universidad Católica de Chile
Former Chief Justice, Chilean Constitutional Tribunal

Keynote Address

Luís Roberto Barroso
Justice, Supreme Federal Court of Brazil

– Coffee break –


Plenary Session I. Judiciary in Times of Change?

Luis María Díez-Picazo
Justice, Supreme Tribunal of Spain

Kate O’Regan
Former Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa
Director, Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, University of Oxford

Juan José Romero
Justice, Chilean Constitutional Tribunal
Associate Professor, P. Universidad Católica de Chile

Gráinne de Búrca
Professor, New York University School of Law
Honorary President, ICON·S

Parallel Panel Sessions I


Opening Reception


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Parallel Panel Sessions II


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Parallel Panel Sessions III


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ICON·S Workshop

“A Research and Publication Strategy for a Successful Academic Career (including How Does Peer Reviewing Really Work Or Not Work)”

Joseph H.H. Weiler
Professor, New York University School of Law

Award Announcements

ICON·S Book Prize and ICON Best Paper Prize

Plenary Session II. Crisis or Resurgence of the State?

Helena Alviar
Full Professor, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Visiting Professor, Harvard University

Professor Armin von Bogdandy
Director, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law
Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt

Beth Simmons
Professor, Harvard University
Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Gabriel Bocksang
Vice-Dean, P. Universidad Católica de Chile

Parallel Panel Sessions IV


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Parallel Panel Sessions V


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Parallel Panel Sessions VI


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Plenary Session III. Public Law, Democratic Backsliding and the Erosion of Liberal Democracy

Teresa Bejan
Associate Professor, University of Oxford

Samuel Issacharoff
Professor, New York University School of Law

Wojciech Sadurski
Professor, Sydney Law School
Professor of the Centre for Europe at Warsaw University

David Landau
Professor, Florida State University

Closing remarks

Lorenzo Casini
Professor, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca
Co-President, ICON·S